What Specie of Wood Stair Parts Suit Your Home?

One of the biggest challenges with stair parts is determining what species of wood is going to work best for your project.  There are several important factors that go into the decision – usually in some order:

1.  Cost (Many wood species are hard to come by or long length boards are a premium)

2.  Species used throughout the project (What species are floors, cabinets, other millwork items)

3.  Color of stain (If a stain is very dark – wood specie may not matter) 

The majority of flooring sold in the United States though out the past decades is red oak.  A specie that is durable, sustainable, and readily available it provides a cost effective and long lasting foundation for your stair.  As trends have changed a wide variety of flooring options have become available.  These options are significant because they predetermine specie and stain color if a prefinished product is picked.  Sometimes the deciding factor then is floor color.  As you know wood has many grain patterns, colors, hues and natural characteristics that make it beautiful in its own unique way.  Heck, today we want weathered barn wood that is damaged, ununiformed and distressed.  Stain colors can also be mixed to match almost any shade.  The million dollar question is how the wood takes the stain and what tints are used.   So finding an affordable “exact” match may be challenging.

The important thing to remember is this – “be happy with your decision.” The likelihood of doing a stair remodel is slim, so this is a critical decision.  If you are conflicted feel free to reach out and ask us for a species sample kit.  That way you can see how those species accept stain.  The biggest recommendation we have is to find someone that is skilled at finish work.  A good finish person can make magic.   We are the stair parts professionals.  Leave this finish work to the finish professional.



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