Fitts Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of fine wood stair system components. We do not sell products direct to consumers, rather have a network of dealers throughout the United States and Japan who distribute Fitts products. Please search out reputable dealers who sell Fitts products. Many products look similar but are not the real deal. Please make sure all installations are done by licensed and bonded installers. Incorrect installation can become a safety concern and it is important not to cut corners. Here are some questions that we are frequently asked:

How do I order your products?

Please utilize the dealer locater on our website to find a dealer closest to you. If you do not see a dealer in your area, you can either look for on online dealer in the locator or you can contact a Fitts sales representative listed on our website and see if they can further assist you with your needs.

How do I receive pricing?

Fitts utilizes authorized dealers to distribute our products. These dealers offer pricing on our products as it reflects on their markets, market conditions, freight, tax, and fluctuation in wood and lumber pricing.

Is your company affiliated or owned by another stair parts company?

No, Fitts Industries is a family owned company.

Can I install my Fitts wood or wrought stair parts outdoors?

No, Fitts wood and wrought iron stair products are for interior use only.

Will your products match other stair parts companies’ products?

No, Fitts products are made with Fitts tooling. Out cutter heads and patterns are unique to our company. Iron products, finishes, and details are specific to our company and use specific paint and powder coat.

Does Fitts sell imported stair parts?

Fitts operates a manufacturing operation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama producing fine hardwood stair components. We source products such as forged iron from foreign suppliers. We also utilize foreign mills to support commodity products as the market demands. We do have the capability to make all products that we sell (other than forged iron) in house.

Do you change or alter your products or turnings?

Most product changes are done from necessity based on changes to building code requirements. When codes change, it can often alter the geometry of the stair making certain products unusable. Products that are sourced utilize our patterns and will match products made in the USA. If you have a product that you are trying to match, we often have old tooling to recreate those out of date items.

Do you sell prefinished products?

Fitts sells wrought iron balustrade that are prefinished. All Fitts wood products are shipped in a raw unfinished state.

Do forged iron balusters vary in color or finish?

We do tend to see some variance in powder coated iron products. Powder coating is not an exact science, and material can vary throughout the process. This tends to effect the texture of the powder coat and makes the sheen differ in some lights.

Does Fitts make custom products?

Fitts does manufacture custom stair products. We will on occasion refer business if it is outside of our expertise. Customization takes on some extreme forms and functions and we have right of refusal of these projects.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out and call us or email us at: