New - Modern Ash Gray Finish

This past spring my wife and I worked on a painting project in our home. We spent time watching our favorite home improvement shows, scoured the racks of home decor magazines and found the updated color pallet we desired. The color we chose, which also happened to be the most popular color today for all interior projects is the color gray. Gray is one of the trickiest colors in the spectrum because it includes all of the colors from the rainbow. You must decide whether you want warm and inviting or cool and elusive gray. Many subtle shades of red, blue, green, and even yellow will drastically alter the depth of the color. This emphasizes why gray is a fantastic color. It works with so many pallets and so many attributes of decor.

This got us thinking. Why not offer not gray balustrade in our iron offering? If gray is as versatile in the color spectrum it would only make sense. This bold neutral combines an industrial aesthetic with a refined simplicity that is a perfect addition to the home. Pair the product with dark or light stained Fitts handrails, and create a subtle railing that blends in with your furnishings. Like Fitts' other powder coated products, ash grey is a durable, maintenance-free, coating that will provide years of form and function for the home.

We have paired this finish with some of our more modern Linz offering to what has become one of the most eye-catching additions to our product line,

Ask your local Fitts dealer about Modern Ash Gray iron, today!


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